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Quinta do Arrobe

The Gaspar Family

Quinta do Arrobe belongs to the Gaspar Family, in the middle of Bairro terroir, in the Tagus region. The tradition of viticulture in the family dates back to 1882, when the paternal greatgrandfather planted the first vineyards, but it is in 2011 that the Quinta do Arrobe brand emerges, the fruit of this ancient knowledge that remained in the family and is combined with the will of this new generation, by the hand of greatgrandson Alexandre Gaspar. In 2013, his sister Maria Gaspar,  joins in by taking the place of oenologist.

Quinta do Arrobe

Quinta do Arrobe, with about 26 hectares, is located in the heart of Ribatejo, near Santarém, in Casével. Until recently, in addition to the vineyards, the family also raised Lusitanian horses, something very typical of this region. With clay-limestone soils on gentle slopes, a microclimate influenced by the mountains, great thermal amplitudes, very hot days and cool nights, result in intense, fresh and balanced red wines and fresh white wines with good minerality. The vineyards were replanted in 2007 and each variety is separated into plots. The red grape varieties from the Tejo region, Touriga Nacional, Castelão, Trincadeira Preta and the French varieties Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot are present. In the white varieties, among others, Arinto and Fernão Pires were chosen.

French influence

Quinta do Arrobe wines are wines from the Tagus region, with French  influence. This derives from the matriarch of the family who was born in Choysi-le-Roi, on the outskirts of Paris. The two cultures, the two traditions, Portuguese and French, coexist, and wines are no exception. However, there is a growing love for indigenous varieties and this is already reflected in the wines of Quinta do Arrobe.


Oenologist: Maria Gaspar
Consultant oenologist: Mário Andrade
They start from the premise “everything comes from the vineyard”, they seek that the wine enhances and respects to the maximum what the terroir  produces. While able to manage the vineyard throughout the year, due to its proximity, they reduce chemical intervention to minimum levels and favor intervention that respects nature.
The oenology work is based on the formula “more vineyard and less winery”, so the focus is on the long work and care put into the vineyard every day. They favor manual harvesting by variety, at the right time. The fermentation of each variety is done individually so to further enhance it. Resident oenologist Maria Gaspar, master in Enology at University of Porto, monitors the whole process, but it is in conjunction with the oenologist Mário Andrade that the profile of the wines are defined. They produce quality wines, taking full advantage of the unique natural wealth, history and environment of their terroir.

The brands of Quinta do Arrobe

  • The Quinto Elemento, derives from the idea that not only the four elements of nature, air, fire, earth and water, are part of life, but that a fifth element is necessary, wine. Thus, a range of premium mono-varietal wines is born, which are produced only when nature dictates and with wooden stage. The reds are French mono varieties and the whites, Portuguese mono varieties (for now).
  • The Mensagem is the name of the main work of one of the greatest Portuguese poets, Fernando Pessoa, it is thus a tribute to excellence.
  • The Oculto is shrouded in mystery, which intensifies as soon as the bottle is opened.
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