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juniper, coriander, rock tea, cardamom, angelica root, cinnamon, bitter orange peel, mandarin peel, flower of Jamaica (hibiscus), pink pepper, raw marcona almond and iris root.


Among its botanicals stands the Syderitis Hissopifolia or rock tea, which gives the Gin its name. The Syderitis Hissopifolia isanendemicspecies that grows onlyin the Picos de Europa Mountains which makes our gin a unique an unequalled product.
Gin Siderit is a Dry Gin handcrafted in Cantabria, distilled from rye alcohol. The distillation is made from the maceration of its twelve botanicals and is double distilled in batches in a reflux fractional column. The entire equipment is made of glass to prevent foreign smells or tastes. Every distillation in these own design equipments is equivalent to five distillations of a traditional alembic. Another of the botanicals is the flower of Jamaica that gives the Gin a floral aroma and a fresh aftertaste. Mandarin and pink pepper envelop the palate with a hint of pleasant sweetness. Angelica root, coriander and cinnamon provide a set of rich sensations in the mouth. Lily root, also known as German orris, joints and enhances all scents and flavours. Bitter orange peel is added to counterbalance the mandarin and pink pepper sweetness. Finally almonds provide unctuous smoothness to the distillate.
From the finest raw materials, using a natural mineral water from Ortigosa del Monte’s spring – located at the northern slope of the Sierra de Guadarrama – with the lowest mineral content in the Iberian Peninsula, we are proud to offer our customers a London Dry Gin suitable for the most demanding palates.

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